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IRI Life Sciences

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | IRI Life Sciences | News | Schering Foundation funds IRI-Schering-Colloquium

Schering Foundation funds IRI-Schering-Colloquium

The monthly Colloquium at the IRI Life Sciences will be funded by the Schering Foundation. The funding starts with our new series "Life in Numbers" (see program here) from May 2017 until October 2017.

For the IRI-Schering-Colloquium we invite outstanding international experts in the overall topic to share their recent work. The IRI-Schering-Colloquium is free and open to everybody. In addition, speakers can be meet for a personal scientific discussion.

If you want to be informed about upcoming dates of our collowuium, please sign up for our mailing-list with stefanie.scharf@iri-lifesciences.de.