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Patterning and Timing in Development and Evolution - New Joint Project with NUS

Dr. David Garfield and Dr. Tim Saunders successfully applied for a Joint Projects Grant within the Profile Partnership between HU and NUS

Dr. David Garfield, Junior Group Leader for "Evolutionary Biology" at the IRI Life Sciences and his colleague Dr. Timothy Saunders from the National University of Singapore successfully applied for funds within the Joint Projects Grant in the Profile Partnership between Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and the National University of Singapore.

With the Project "Patterning and Timing in Development and Evolution" they focus on embryonic development as an balancing act between robustness and evolvability: For individual organisms, developmental processes must be robust to environmental fluctuations and the influence of segregating mutations, but at the same time, development must be able to evolve if populations are to adapt. Understanding this interplay requires the integration of genetic and evolutionary approaches, a physical understanding of how the embryo develops, and modern methods for assessing developmental phenotypes (from developmental rate to embryonic shape to developmental gene expression profiles). 

Through support from the Grant of HU and NUS, an interdisciplinary workshop will bring together both experimentalists and theorists working on problems related to patterning and timing in development and evolution. The workshop aims at unifying
current work on developmental evolution with microscopic, mechanistic, and theoretical treatments of the mechanisms underlying developmental robustness.



Information HU Profile Partnership: https://www.international.hu-berlin.de/en/international-profile/partnerships/profilpartnerschaften