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IRI Life Sciences

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | IRI Life Sciences | News | Welcome to our new IRI members

Welcome to our new IRI members

IRI Life Sciences warmly welcomes four Junior Group Leaders as new members:


Jan Philipp Junker heads the Junior Group "Quantitative Developmental Biology" at the BIMSB. His lab uses and develop novel genome-wide single-cell approaches to understand the mechanisms that ensure the stability of developmental processes despite stochastic perturbations. 

Dario Lupianez heads the Junior Group "Epigenetics and Sex Development" at the BIMSB. His lab aims to unterstand how cellular fate is determined and maintained in vivo and how this information is encoded in the mammalian genome. Dario is PI at IRI-based IRTG 2403. 

Pawel Romanczuk heads Emmy Noether research group “Collective Information Processing” at the Institute of Biology / Institute for Theoretical Biology at HU. The main research aim of his group is the development and analysis of individual-based mathematical models of collective behavior, which explicitly take the sensory perception at the individual level into account, as the proximate mechanism of social interactions in organismic systems.

Robert Zinzen heads the Junior Group "Systems Biology of Neural Tissue Differentiation" at the BIMSB. His lab aims to gain a detailed understanding of the molecular mechanisms that undifferentiated embryonic cells employ to organize into distinct cell types and tissues. Robert is PI at IRI-based IRTG 2403.