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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI Life Sciences


Fig.: Stefanie Scharf

Fig.: Andreas Süß

The Colloquium is dedicated to one of the central research topics at the IRI each semester. Renowned international scientists present their current work.


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Fig.: Stefanie Scharf

The public tutorials are designed to provide attendees with an overview of what is currently at the center of various research fields, regarding both content and methodology. To this end, we invite prominent guest speakers to give "state-of-the-art" talks on current topics in the life sciences.


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Fig.: Stefanie Scharf

The IRI Graduate School and associated graduate programs offer symposia on different research topics. These symposia give IRI graduate students an opportunity to present their own work and to get involved in scientific discourses with experts in the field.


Fig.: Stefanie Scharf
IRI Talks

IRI talks feature national and international expert scientists presenting current findings in highly relevant fields of research.





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The IRTG 2290 regulary invites international experts on malaria research.