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IRI Life Sciences

Berlin RNA Club

In this series of events, different groups from the Berlin-Potsdam area with research interests related to RNA are presenting their work. The RNA Club provides the opportunity to learn about current approaches and questions within the local community and to network with colleagues from different institutions with related research interests. The events take place either at IRI Life Scienes (Mitte) or at the MPI for Molecular Genetics (Dahlem). After the talks food and drinks are provided.


The Berlin RNA Club is organized by Edda Schulz (MPIMG) and Markus Landthaler (HU/MDC). The meetings are made possible by funding of Lexogen (https://www.lexogen.com/) and the RNA society (https://www.rnasociety.org/rna-salons/).

If you want to be informed about up-coming events, please send an email to berlin-rna-club-subscribe@molgen.mpg.de

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Upcoming Meetings