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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI Life Sciences


Fig.: Andreas Süß


The Colloquium is dedicated to one of the central research topics at the IRI each semester. Renowned international scientists present their current work on these themes.


Dates:     First Thursday of every month
Time:      4 PM
Place:     IRI Life Sciences, Philippstr. 13, Michaelis Building (No. 18)
             Maud Menten Hall (3rd floor)

Microbiom Header


  • Nov 3rd: Wolfgang Miller "Unorthodox transmission modes of endosymbionts in hybrids and the symbiotic origin of speciation"
  • Dec 1st: Peer Bork "Metagenomic analysis of the human gut and the ocean” 
  • Jan 12th: Thomas Bosch "The Holobiont Imperative: Perspectives from Early Emerging Animals"
  • Feb 2nd: Eugene Chang - "The microbial basis of host energy balance and metabolic health"
  • Mar 2nd: Kiran Patil - "Uncovering Metabolic and Xeno-metabolic Interactions in Microbial Communities"
  • Apr 6th: Kevin Theis - "Medicine through a hologenomic lens"

Biologists and philosophers of biology are increasingly focusing on the ecological and evolutionary complexities of host-microbiota organization and interaction. They are asking questions about organismality, individuality, fidelity of microbiota transmission and assembly, and the scope of host-microbiota cooperation and conflict. In addition to providing a vocabulary and framework for contemporary dialogue on hosts in light of their microbiomes, foundational theses such as the hologenome concept of evolution have theoretical and practical ramifications for the study of animal biology, including medicine. In this seminar I will explain how progress in host-microbial evolutionary ecology can translate directly to enhanced research and clinical care in medicine. I will use evolutionary and precision medicine as a theoretical framework and my current research in perinatal medicine as a practical proof-of-concept.



Series of Past Events

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