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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI Life Sciences


Fig.: Andreas Süß


The Colloquium is dedicated to one of the central research topics at the IRI each semester. Renowned international scientists present their current work on these themes. All lectures are made possible by the Schering Stiftung and open to public.


Dates:     Thursdays
Time:      4 PM
Place:     IRI Life Sciences, Philippstr. 13, Michaelis Building (No. 18)
             Maud Menten Hall (3rd floor)


Current Series

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  • ​May 4th: Luis Serrano (CRG Barcelona) - "Is it possible to computer model a cell?"​
  • June 1st: Peter Lénárt (EMBL Heidelberg) - "The same, only different: how does the cytoskeleton adapt to meiosis-specific functions?"

We are generally interested in how the cell division machinery, the cytoskeleton in particular, adapted to divide the large oocyte in a highly asymmetric manner to produce a single fertilizable egg, filled with nutrients to support embryonic development. I will present two examples for such meiosis-specific adaptations. First, as chromosomes scattered in the exceptionally large oocyte nucleus are located too far from the spindle to be efficiently captured by microtubules, an additional, actin-dependent mechanism is required to transport chromosomes to within their capture range. In recent work, we revealed that this F-actin network transporting chromosomes contracts by a novel, depolymerization-driven mechanism. Second, I will show how the cytokinetic machinery adapted to support divisions in large oocytes manifesting as coordinated waves of cortical contractions traveling across the cell.

  • June 22nd: Joe Howard (Yale University) - "Microtubles, motors and morphogensis"
  • Sept. 7th: Johan Elf (Uppsala University) - "Probing intracellular kinetics at single molecule sensitivity"
  • Oct 12th: Rob Phillips (Caltech) - "Transcription by the Numbers"



Series of Past Events

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