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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI Life Sciences


Fig.: Stefanie Scharf



The IRI Life Sciences organizes symposia to connect scientist from Berlin with experts from all over the world and to provide a networking platform for junior researchers.


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From Cells to Process:
Advances and Challenges in Single Cell Biology

JUNE 28-29, 2018

Single cell methods are rapidly evolving and have already lead to important discoveries in basic sciences as well as in medical applications. This two-day scientific symposium hosted by the IRI Life Sciences will bring together experts in the field to showcase and discuss current trends, with topics covering

  • sequencing,
  • -omics at single cell and subcellual resolutions,
  • single cell and single molecule imaging,
  • new analysis methods and many more.

    Registration open! 

Registration is free of charge, but required since space is limited.

Please register here.

Abstracts can be submitted for selected short talks. Selected speakers will receive free accommonadation and full reimbursement of travel costs. 

Notification of successful registration and selection for short talks will be send by end of May.

Registration Deadline May 15, 2018.

Confirmed speakers

Detlev Arendt  EMBL Heidelberg

Magda Bienko  Karolinska Institute Stockholm

Manfred Claassen  ETH Zurich

David Garfield  IRI Life Sciences Berlin

Dominic Grün  Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics Freiburg

Martin Hemberg  The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Hinxton

Jan Philippp Juncker  MDC Berlin

Heiko Lickert  Helmholtz Zentrum München

Alexander Löwer  TU Darmstadt

Jean-Christophe Marine  VIB-KU Leuven

John Marioni  EMBL-EBI Hinxton

Heather Marlow  Institute Pasteur Paris

Felix Naef  EPFL Lausanne

Nikolaus Rajewsky  MDC Berlin

Edda Schulz  Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics Berlin

Amos Tanay  Weizmann Institute Rehovot

Barbara Treutlein  Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology Leipzig

Nadine Vastenhouw  Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics Dresden


Scientific programme committee

Nils Blüthgen  Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin & IRI Life Sciences

David Garfield  Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, IRI Life Sciences

Markus Landthaler  Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, IRI Life Sciences & MDC Berlin

Nikolaus Rajewsky  MDC Berlin


Conference organiser 

Stefanie Scharf  IRI Life Sciences


The symposium is funded by the DFG.

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