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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI Life Sciences

The Institute

IRI building

A Life Science Campus at the Heart of Berlin


The Campus Nord, despite its name, is situated at the heart of Berlin- Mitte. This oasis of green in the middle of downtown Berlin houses the labs of the six IRI core groups, the IRI Life Sciences management office and many of the IRI Life Sciences members. The HU and Charité are mainly located on the Campus Nord, and the BIMSB (Berlin Institute of Medical Systems Biology) of the MDC will move there in spring 2019.

The resources concentrated in this small area of Berlin in terms of infrastructure, instrumentation and scientific expertise are enormous. The IRI Life Sciences aims to pool those resources by bringing together researchers from various disciplines and different institutions. Furthermore by establishing the core groups as new professorships and independent junior research groups at the IRI Life Sciences, we bring new expertise and energy to the goal of developing the Campus Nord to a synergistic andjoint research area for (biomedical) research of HU, Charité and MDC.

IRI Life Sciences groups take part in shared seminars and have common access to infrastructure. PhD students and postdocs of IRI Life Sciences groups have access to new networking and training opportunities.