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IRI Life Sciences

Activities and Honours



January - May

Colloquium series "Heterogeneity in Biological Systems"
January  Benedikt Beckmann receives "Plus 3" - programme funding from the Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation
January  Chris Sanders starts as Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow with hosting partners Nils Blüthgen and Markus Landthaler


November   Successful application at the pre-call of the Berlin University Alliance                                                        Grand Challenge "Social Cohesion"

November   International symposium "Dissection Biology @ Single Cell Level"

June -        Colloquium series "Machine Learning in Life Sciences"



DFG-funded Training Research Group (RTG 2424): "CompCancer" starts at IRI Life Sciences

February EU HORIZON 2020 - funded Innovative Training Network "Predictive Epigenetics" starts at IRI Life Sciences
January - May  Colloquium series "Imaging"
January DFG-funded International Training Research Group (IRTG 2403): Dissecting and reengineering the regulatory genome" together with Duke University starts at IRI Life Sciences

November - December Colloquium series "Imaging"
October Simone Reber is appointed W2-professor at Beuth Hochschule
September   David Garfield receives ERC Starting Grant
June      International symposium "From Cells to Processes: Advantages and Challenges in Single Cell Biology"
January - April Colloquium series "Organoids - Life in 3D"


November - December

Colloquium series "Organoids - Life in 3D" 

November Start of the second IRI Life Sciences funding period

DFG-funded International Training Research Group (IRTG 2290): "Crossing Boundaries - Molecular Interactions in Malaria" togehter with the Australian Nationa University starts at IRI life Sciences


Tutorials in Life Sciences "Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy" with Yannick Schwab (EMBL)

July International summer school "Epigentics meets mathematics"
May - October Colloquium series "Life in numbers" 
April Markus Landthaler is appointed IRI professor
January - April Colloquium series "Microbiome"
January Evaluation of first funding period of IRI Life Sciences


November - December Colloquium series "Microbiome"

David Garfield starts his independent junior research group "Evolutionary Biology"


Joint Lab "Bioinformatics" together with Berlin Institute of Health established under the roof of IRI Life Sciences


Tutorial in Life Sciences "From Data to Models" with Jens Timmer & Clemens Kreutz (Universität Freibutg)

May - October Colloquium series "Mechanobiology"
April International symposium "Molecular Interactions in Malaria"
February Independent Research Fellows start working at IRI Life Sciences
January - April Colloquium series "Collective Behaviour"


November - December Colloquium series "Collective Behaviour"

Scientific Advisory Board meeting


Inaugural symposium for Leonie Ringrose

July Tutorials in Life Sciences "Single Molecule Sprectroscopy of small RNA" with Mark Helm (University Mainz)
May - October Colloquium series "Evolutionary Biology"
May Leonie Ringrose is appointed IRI professor
April Tutorial in Life Sciences "Atomic Force Microscopy" with Daniel Müller (ETH Zürich) 
March International symposium "From RNA pools to single molecule RNA"

Inaugural symposium for Simone Reber with Nobel laureate Tim Hunt


Opening Lecture for IRI seminar Room "Maud Menten Hall" with Roger S. Goody

January - April Colloquium series "Single Cell Analysis"
January Simone Reber starts her independent junior research group "Quantitative Biology"


November - December Colloquium series "Single Cell Analysis"
November Tutorial in Life Sciences "Molecular Motors" with Stefan Diez (TU Dresden)

Inaugural symposium for Nils Blüthgen and Benedikt Beckmann


Collaboration with Tel Aviv University starts

April Benedikt Beckmann starts his independent junior research group "Molecular Infection Biology"
January Nils Blüthgen is appointed IRI professor


December IRI Graduate School starts
June Head office starts working
March  Opening ceremony of IRI Life Sciences with Nobel laureate Aaron Ciechanover


November Start of the first IRI Life Sciences funding period