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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI Life Sciences

Portraits of IRI Core Groups

Computational Modeling in Medicine



The Blüthgen group investigates how molecular networks in mammalian cells process information and control cellular functions related to health and disease. The group applies and develops methods from mathematical modeling, bioinformatics and quantitative cell biology.

Research Group Leader 
Prof. Dr. Nils Blüthgen


Quantitative Biology of                the Eukaryotic Cell


Research image.jpg


We use a combination of quantitative live imaging, mathematical modelling, computational approaches and molecular and developmental biology to understand the interaction of epigenetic regulatory proteins with their chromatin targets in vivo.

Research Group Leader
Prof. Dr. Leonie Ringrose 


Molecular Infection Biology




The Beckmann group works in the field of molecular infection biology to understand the interaction of pathogenic bacteria and their host cells. The research focus is on RNA-protein interactions during infection.

Research Group Leader
Dr. Benedikt Beckmann



Evolutionary Biology


Garfield science


The goal of the Garfield lab is to characterise the impact of new mutations on gene expression during development and, in particular, how new mutations contribute to the appearance of so-called  phylotypic stages.

Research Group Leader 
David Garfield, PhD

Quantitative Biology




The goal of the Reber lab is to elucidate the biochemical and biophysical principles that underlie the self-organization and scaling of subcellular organelles. Each cellular organelle carries out a distinct function, which is not only related to its molecular composition, but in many cases also to its size.

Research Group Leader
Dr. Simone Reber