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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI Life Sciences


Fig.: Andreas Süß


The IRI Life Sciences aims to strengthen research across fields and institutions. It forms a networking hub for associated projects with a special focus on support of junior researchers.

The members of the IRI for the Life Sciences participate in Bachelor- and Master education, and the institute supports PhDs with with a graduate school and Postdocs with an postdoc programm in their individual careers. Due to its interdisciplinary composition, IRI members develop innovative fields of research, which are implemented into the training of young academics from an early stage on. Through its affiliation with various institutions the IRI members create new structures and opportunities in the training of young researchers.

The primary goal of junior researcher support at the IRI Life Sciences is to give young, creative and outstanding academic talents an early insight into current fields of research and support their future development. For that we strive to make the already available offers of basic university education as well as the structural graduate schools optimally accessible and establish missing thematic and methodical education areas.